4 digital marketing tools you didn’t know about


The work of a digital marketing professional is not understood without their tools. As if it were a plumber, to carry out his tasks he needs different tools that help him, among other tasks, optimize his work, analyze the SEO of a website or carry out promotions among the followers of a brand. We are going to talk about 4 of them below Essential digital marketing tools. MailterLite. Herramienta de e-mail marketing This email marketing tool for small businesses is very similar to Mail Chimp but cheaper. Easy and very intuitive  it allows.

The essential  promotions 4 digital marketing 

The following: mailerliteCreate email campaigns . To do this, it has tools to design your own templates, a custom HTML editor, rich text editor, free responsive design newsletter templates and an online photo editor. Quickly grow your subscriber list . With this tool you can executive email list  manage your subscriber lists, create PopUps, landing pages or webforms for your website. With these options, it is very easy to increase the number of subscribers, as long as you offer valuable content in exchange for subscribing.

 Analyze  manage and measure your digital

Time bounces, opening rate, number of clicks the opening by location and know, through a click map, how the recipients have interacted with the email. Automation. You can schedule your shipments so that they are sent by time slots, automatically send new blog posts Email Lists to your subscribers via RSS or plan automated email marketing campaigns to improve the conversion rate. For me, the best bet in email marketing tools. And I’ve tried quite a few. If you want to know more, this is their website. Additionally, up to 1,000 subscribers is free. BlogsterApp. The blog content tool that will save you a lot of time bloggerapp-tool-1 You may not have heard of this.

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