Organize the Information Obtained and Create the Profile

We can value this step as the personification of all the information obtained. Organize the It consists of taking the data and putting it into a spreadsheet or editing document to begin structuring the Buyer Persona. To make this process simpler, organized and agile, we can use a predefined template like the one provided by our tool to generate Buyer Personas , which is free. In addition to completing all these steps to define the BP, before producing a content flow it is important to define in which phase of the conversion funnel the ideal client is.

Organize the Key Points of Content Creation and Optimization

The first point, when it comes job function email list to content planning. Is to determine which formats will be used, and that is when the relevance of the corporate blog comes into play . The blog is the backbone of a content strategy , due to its flexibility, interactivity and, logically. It is immediately associated with the brand itself. Within it we can publish both traditional texts and infographics , videos and even podcasts or audios. It also allows you to work with resources such as links. To Landing Pages , quizzes and different interactive content . Regarding content formats, newsletters , segmented emails. Nutrition flows and other email marketing materials must always be present.

Writing and Publishing Content According to SEO Criteria

It consists of the production of content Email Lists taking into account. All those factors that search engines value to position a page. Creating and launching it is much more than clicking the “publish post” button on a particular CMS platform . If your blog is hosted on WordPress, you have to install the Yoast SEO plugin , which gives you information about. The optimizations you should make to make your content friendly to the eyes of the search engine.

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