Where can the pedagogue work outside the school

The area of ​​Pedagogy is broader than people have an idea. In addition to working within classrooms, there are other activities that require the knowledge of a pedagogue. Do you know where the pedagogue can work outside the school? There are several options for those who graduate in Pedagogy , which is great for those who want to work in education, but don’t want to become a teacher. Another important point is that it is possible to be a pedagogue and work with young people and adults and not just with children. I knew that? Check out some of the activities that can be developed by Pedagogy professionals and that go beyond the classroom! Companies hospitals NGOs Youth and adult rehabilitation centers Production of didactic material Distance Education Centers clinics Academic career 1.

Companies Did you know that

A pedagogue can help a company’s human resources and training area? The professional trained in Pedagogy has all the necessary knowledge about how human learning works. Therefore, it manages to help with training consultancies so that companies always have qualified professionals in their staff. This work is very common in large companies and in places where constant training is required, such as in large industries, financial markets, technology, among others. Also read: Can a bachelor teach? Discover what it takes to work as a teacher 2. Hospitals Hospitals are challenging spaces, even more so for children.

Therefore, these institutions

Have pedagogues to help with activities carried out with hospitalized children or who undergo some type of treatment at the institution. Thus, the pedagogue is responsible for developing activities, contributing to formal and behavioral development, in addition to monitoring development. Within Pedagogy, the professional learns not only to teach school content, but any type of activity that stimulates learning, which includes games, activities, music, among other things.

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