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Also read Definition This permit is a means of empowerment. For micro and small business actors in developing their businesses in the future. Bas on Law noconcerning Micro Small and Mium Enterprises the criteria for micro and. Small enterprises are divid bas on the amount of wealth and turnover. For micro businesses. The maximum wealth is IDR million and the annual turnover is a maximum of IDR million. Meanwhile for small businesses total assets range from. IDR million to IDR million and annual turnover ranges from IDR million to IDR.

The legal basis for

IUMK is stat in several regulations Estonia Phone Number List including RI Presidential Regulation No. Of concerning Licensing for Micro and Small Enterprises which is includ in more detail in the State Gazette of the Republic of Indonesia No. . Minister of Home Affairs Regulation no. Concerning Guidelines for Granting Micro and Small Business Licenses which is includ in more detail in the State Gazette of the Republic of Indonesia No. .Memorandum of Understanding between the Minister of Home. Affairs the Minister of Cooperatives and MSEs and the Minister of Trade No SJ No.

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Granting of Micro and Small

KBMKUKMI No MDA Iran Telegram Number GMOUI concerning Guidance for the Business Licenses. Cooperation Agreement in the form of Implementing a Memorandum of Understanding on Guiding the Granting of Micro and Small Business Licenses between the Director General of Regional Development Deputy for Business Development and Restructuring Director General of Domestic Trade President Director of PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia and Asippindo. of Niche Market Examples Benefits and How to Determine It Banner klos How to Register IUMK Usually the process of making an IUMK is carri out in accordance with regional regulations where the business is domicil.

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