Banks will charge

Banks will charge So IDR million will be recogniz as a deposit in transit in the reconciliation report as of May . Outstanding checks Outstanding checks are checks that have been issu by the company and have been record in the books but have not been cash by the bank. So the check is not record in the bank statement. For example for the bank reconciliation on May the general lger report shows the final bank account balance was record at IDR million and the bank report record a balance of IDR million.

After tracing the balance of Rp Banks will charge

Million had not been record by Azerbaijan WhatsApp Number List the bank because there were checks that had not been clear or cash. During the reconciliation you must note that the check for IDR million on May has not been cash by the bank and is record as an outstanding check. Blank check nonsufficient funds A bad check is a check that was deposit into your bank account but later return because the issuer did not have enough funds to pay the bill. For example when carrying out a bank reconciliation.

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You find that the company

Lger shows a bank accoun  t balance of IDR German Phone Number List million while the bank shows a balance of IDR million. The discrepancy in the recording occurr because the check for Rp. million that you deposit that month was return because the issuer did not have enough money in his account to pay the check amount. To do so you ne to reverse the deposit from the books add the amount back to the accounts receivable balance and ask the customer to issue a new check or pay another way. Bank fees monthly maintenance fees ATM fees transaction fees and other service fees.

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