Clinical Governance: How to Apply Its Pillars and Qualify Results

This model seeks continuous improvement and the delivery of value to the patient, improving clinical outcomes. Therefore, it is necessary to invest in pillars for efficient management , involving the medical team and other hospital sectors to optimize processes . And you, as a manager, are already taking an important step by reading this article to the end. In the next few lines, I will deepen knowledge about the concept, what it is for and what are the fundamentals of clinical governance. With the right to a bonus with telemedicine solutions that make tasks more agile . Shall we go ahead? What is clinical governance? Clinical governance is a strategy focused on modernizing and delivering value in healthcare facilities.

This management model places

The services offered at the center of decisions made by hospital or clinic managers, reinforcing customer loyalty actions. This includes challenging activities such as monitoring the patient journey in complex environments such as hospitals. It is common for the patient to have contact Hong Kong Phone Number Data with several actors and their experience to be influenced by a series of variables from the moment they enter the health unit. Welcoming , comfort and service at reception are some of the subjective factors capable of impacting assistance in a positive or negative way. Clinical governance also encompasses objective issues such as waiting time, patient triage and waste of material resources. How did the concept of clinical governance come about? The concept of clinical governance emerged in the 1990s, based on the modernization of the NHS ( National Health System ), which is the public health system in the United Kingdom.

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The review of essential points for good

Health care led to the promotion of good practices, consolidated through a management model focused on the quality of services. In this scenario, the NHS itself defines clinical governance as: “A system through which organizations are responsible for continuously improving Email Lists the quality of their services and ensuring high standards of care, creating Email Lists an environment of excellence in clinical care ”. Successful in the UK, the concept quickly spread to other countries, starting with nations such as Australia and New Zealand. Then, other English-speaking territories and different languages ​​began to adopt the model. What is clinical governance for? Investment in clinical governance qualifies health services , allowing for constant evaluation and evolution.

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