What Do Need To Emigrate To Spain

This makes the integration process in Spain much easier : the chances of finding like-minded people are more than frequent.

So when you’re in trouble, it’s pretty easy to do a quick search of any Facebook group and find someone who’s been in the same situation and knows exactly what to do.


What should you take into account before emigrating to Spain?

Here is a list that we have  to guide you from the first moment you start planning the entire process.

We have  the main aspects that you must tes, thisprocess Phone Number List  proceake into account, especially those that refer to the different legal aspects to be  .

Knowing each and every one of these points will be cruciefore traveling to Spain to enjoy an easy and successful process.

The first thing: get your NIE

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Your NIE number is one of the first things you will  to obtain when immigrating to Spain.

It is the identification number that you will use for almost everything : to buy a property , to open a bank account , to start a business, and even to obtain your green card.

This NIE (“Foreign Identification Number”) is the nu

However, in the vast majority of casss will take even longer (and therefore the last and third step will be ), if you apply for a mortgage .

If that is the case, you will have to add a few more weeks , since the bank takes its time to verify and prepare all the  details and finish the process.


Our recommendation is that you always plan well in advance and play with certain margins. The process can last up to 3 months, but it is better to give yourself enough time not to experience a stressful situation if any inconvenience appears (something that is very common).

mber that identifies you as a foreigner. It will Email Lists be granted toyou once, and it will be with you forever (ie, it will never change).

It is important not to confuse it with the TIE , which is the true residence card that is  when applying for legal residence.

The NIE is just a number, not the physical document that you will get later.

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