Google Ads allows for instant fine-tuning

The emergence of digital advertising platforms has allowed marketers to purchase ad slots in search engines, various websites and mobile apps, reviewing live reports within hours.

Google Ads allows for instant fine-tuning of creatives.
With artificial intelligence enabled and data instantly reflected on ad panels, marketers can instantly review ad campaign performance, allowing them to make instant fine-tunes such as optimizing creatives for better ad performance.

Broad and Targeted Reach

With billions of users on social media platforms like Facebook , YouTube , and LinkedIn , your reach is primarily limited by your budget. On these social media platforms, you target your ads by selecting specific audiences based on behavioral patterns such as demographics, interests, and retargeting.
Retargeting is a form of marketing Egypt Phone Number List that allows you to show relevant ads to users who have visited certain pages of your website. For example,If a user visits a website that sells food products and goes to a product page that sells apples, the digital marketers of that food website can target the user by showing ads about apples once the user leaves the site and browses other websites, social media platforms, mobile devices.

Components of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has 3 basic components.

  1. User Journey
  2. Digital Channels
  3. Creative and Content

User Journey

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The starting point of digital marketing is the user journey.
The user journey is a customer’s encounter and first interaction. With your brand across all digital and non-digital channels, that shapes their feelings and perceptions about your brand.
It usually starts from the awareness stage and ends at the buying or advocating (loyalty) stage: Email Lists

  1. Awareness: The customer somehow becomes aware of the brand through social media, search engine or traditional marketing methods.
  2. Thinking (Interest/Evaluation): The customer visits certain pages on the brand’s. Website or interacts with their posts on social media (saving, liking, link clicking, etc.)
  3. Purchase (Desire/Action): The customer is ready to buy. Adds the product to the cart or asks for a quote. Completes the purchase.

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