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In short the value a paid marketing campaign can bring to an organization. In particular, I still see their main focus on organic social and a really low often absent investment in paid social. adstage-clos-loop-adstage-clos-loop- People buying patterns change constantly, the customer journey gets every day more complex with dozens of touch points. We shift from click granular analysis to revenue measurement. By now, we immers in the data-driven approach. Until what point makes sense to measure ROI and ROAS where both BB and BC clients make almost no distinction between online and offline? The question is spot-on, but the answer is not that easy. Performance measurement is vital to evaluate the impact of a marketing strategy.

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It’s also true, as you mention in the question, the customer journey is getting more complex and spread across several touch points – few of them offline. I believe each product/industry/business-model has specific requirements for performance measuremen. an e-commerce vs. A brick-and-mortar web designs and development service  store. That being said, an aggregate performance measurement is an optimal solution for a complete overview. Extremely granular measurement is still far from perfect and the most complex ones are bas on statistical frameworks, therefore might generate misleading insights for strategy optimization.

To get more granular and look

However, as marketers, we must push ourselves at metrics further down the funnel when we optimize. In BB, marketing and sales, are often rivals: but thanks to marketing and sales enablement they are getting closer. What are the emergent attribution models you are discovering at AdStage? More than new attribution models, I’m noticing stronger cohesion between the two departments. As you mention, the “Smarketing” phenomena. Sales and marketing are – especially in BB – not rivals anymore, but valuable allies. They no longer have to fight over which department generates more revenue. They have a Email Lists shar goal of optimizing revenue. Marketing teams should generate leads for Sales teams and generate content to help close more deals.

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