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JakEvo with similar Click the Business Licensing button click Individual then select For Micro business scale click the Micro Individual NIB Registration button For small scale businesses click the Small Individual NIB Registration button When filling out the form business actors must complete the blank profile data. Once everything is fill in click Save and Continue Then click the Add Business button complete the data according to the business data form. Once the data has been fill in click Save and Continue. Take similar steps if the business actor has more than one business.

On the Business Infrastructure

Commitment form especially for Vietnam Phone Number List small scale business actors can apply for a Location Permit and Environmental Permit if requir click Next After that business actors can preview the draft NIB Location Permit Environmental Permit and Business Permit then check the disclaimer box click the process NIB button In the NIB and Business Permit output display business actors can view Location Permits Environmental Permits and Business Permits and can also print Business Permits in QR format which contain more detail data via the Preview QR Business Permit button. By registering with OSS IUMK will automatically be obtain after registering.

Phone Number List

NIB and business actors

Can download both. However Vietnam Telegram Number when you want to be able to access Jakpreneur activity assistance facilities for example you ne to arrange IUMK through JakEvo. You can make NIB from OSS a condition for making IUMK on legal powers on a national scale. Also read Use this method to make a trading business license its easy Requirements for applying for IUMK umk The requirements for applying for IUMK may be slightly different depending on the region but we will explain the main requirements if you want to apply for IUMK in DKI Jakarta bas on the information we got from sippn.menpan.go.id Application letter completely fill application.

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