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Flow and Examples of General Journal Recording in Manufacturing Companies The following are some examples of general journals that you will make when handling accounting in a manufacturing company Journal entries for the transfer of raw materials direct labor and work in process PT DBCE tracks its inventory and orders additional inventory to be available when the production department requests it. This inventory is not ti to a specific job and purchases.

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Materials inventory until they are us Venezuela WhatsApp Number List for a specific product. For example PT DBCE purchas additional vinyl raw materials worth and black ink worth to complete the manufacture of product packaging with work code MAC. If the purchase is made on account the journal entry is as shown Date Account Debit Crit Raw material supplies Vinyl Raw material supplies Black ink Accounts payable To record purchases of vinyl and ink supplies For the production process for job MAC the job supervisor submits a material request form for in vinyl in black ink in r ink and in gold ink. For the finishing process for Job MAC in grommets and in finishing lumber are request.

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Reflect this action is Date Cambodia Phone Number List Account Debit Crit Work in process inventory Raw material supplies Vinyl Raw material supplies Black ink Raw material supplies R ink Raw material supplies Gold ink Equipment and Supplies for Tax Purposes equipment and supplies in accounting For tax reasons distinguishing between equipment and supplies is critical to proper tax reporting and taking advantage of applicable ductions. Equipment is a term us to describe tangible assets life of more than one year that are us to generate income or run a business. These assets often experience depreciation.

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