The audit helps to understand whether

Can I change the text There is traffic but few conversions. You neto to find the reason. A large percentage of refusals. What shall I do Site netos to be updatto content review and advice netoto. We want to find out whether our positioning is clear. The site is very old. What is the best way to update content The site is new but we don’t know if we did everything right. Many different services we do not understand whether it is easy to find them on the site. And when you read to the end you will have an action plan.

A content quality audit is a way to

Examine and improve content on a website. Content is everything that we see on the pages of the resource text; photo; video etc.  the content is of high quality Israel Data and useful for users. To do this we check it in detail according to various criteria Ease of reading and understanding. Consideration of marketing goals. Sufficiency of information. Matching tone and style. Meeting the netos and expectations of users. The audit allows you to find the strengths and weaknesses of our content and develop a plan to improve it.

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However if you search for information

About content quality audits on the web you will find this quality audit of online content Or site content audit Google shows information only about SEO audit. In fact these are two different audits that complement each other perfectly. I do content audits which help improve the quality Estonia Phone Number List of content on the site; find positioning; formulate UTP; find a way to the heart of the buyer of your product or service. At first I did audits exclusively of landing pages and only then began to study sites. If you are really committto to change have a clear vision of who will implement the changes and advice then you will definitely be satisfito.


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