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or in two years. So to make the right decision you can evaluate the future value of IDR million to determine when to receive the money. If you choose to invest IDR million at an annual interest rate of you can apply the following formula to determine how much it will be worth in two years. You can use the standard TVM formula FV PV x in nxt to enter the following variables Is known Heres what the results look like.

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IDR million investment could be Panama WhatsApp Number List worth IDR. That way you can make the decision that taking IDR million now is better than waiting two years. Example The following is an example for calculating the present value of IDR million in two years You want to earn IDR million in the next two years. Then you want to know how much money you have to invest now to get that amount of money. In this case you can use the present value formula. Using the same interest rate as before heres how you calculate PV IDR.

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You conclude that

You now ne to save to get over Estonia Phone Number List two years. Example of calculating FV for money from the employer Your company offers two options for receiving a financial bonus IDR now or IDR two years from now. Rp. in two years may seem more attractive because of its higher value. To decide which option to choose it is important to assess whether investing IDR now can provide greater profits than IDR in two years. For example investing IDR in a savings account that earns annual interest uses the following equation FV Using this method you determine that the future value of invest in an account earning annual interest could be in two years. For that reason taking the money.

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