The share capital

The share capital One aspect that should not be ignor is the bank reconciliation method. This method may sound complicat but it is actually an important tool that can help you monitor your companys finances more closely and effectively. In this article we will explain in detail the bank reconciliation method why it is important and how to apply it to your companys financial management. Contents hide What is Bank Reconciliation What are the Reasons for Carrying Out Bank Reconciliation.

What is the Purpose f Carrying The share capital

Out a Bank Reconciliation basic Armenia WhatsApp Number List accounting equation to find the value of shareholder equity. Heres the formula Shareholders equity total assets total liabilities Heres how to calculate shareholder equity step by step First determine the companys total assets on the balance sheet for a specific period such as a fiscal year. Be sure to add up all these assets carefully and correctly or use a recent balance sheet. Next add up all the total liabilities. Any recent balance sheet should include this information. These liabilities include outstanding debts and expenses.

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Then determine total

Shareholder equity and add that  figure USA Phone Number List to total liabilities. The remaining assets must equal the total of shareholder equity and liabilities. Here is a very simple example of how the above formula works. For example you want to invest in a company that has total assets of . million. Meanwhile total liabilities amount to . million. To find shareholder equity you ne to do the following calculations in total assets in total liabilities . million in shareholder equity Formula Apart from the first formula you can use an alternative formula for calculating shareholder equity as follows Shareholders equity share capital retain earnings treasury shares method for calculating equity is also known as the investor equation formula.

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