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When put together, form your personality. The message that your brand transmits must be consistent in all the channels you operate. This includes messages on packaging, in email marketing, on social media and on the website. There is a definite advantage in opting for natural dyes and colours rather. Than the synthetic chemical-based colours that are used in most factory-made clothes.

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Handloom fabric is eco-friendly These types Email Lists of fabrics are made from 100% natural materials top people data  such as cotton, silk, wool and other natural fibres. Therefore, it is safe to wear these fabrics next to your skin without causing any reactions or allergies because the fabric contains no chemicals which are harmful to health. These materials are grown using natural methods. And they do not use any pesticides or other chemicals which are bad for the environment.

Handloom Fabrics Are the Way to

It provides jobs for rural women who have limited opportunities outside their homes. The handloom industry Email Lists provides livelihood opportunities in rural areas by employing thousands of people belonging to poor families where they live. Hours away from factories that mass-produce clothes are made using synthetic materials. For many people who are employed at handlooms, this means their only source of income. Since they have very little formal education making them largely unemployable elsewhere.

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