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This loss is record  At the fair value of the asset given up in the fix asset exchange journal. In general fix assets are acquir through the exchange of monetary assets such as cash. However there are several cases where two companies engage in fix asset barter transactions. To account for such exchanges of nonmonetary assets we ne to find out whether the transactions have commercial substance. In simple terms we ne to find out whether the exchange will significantly change the cash flow of the business.

If the cash flow This loss is record

Pattern changes then the Ecuador WhatsApp Number List transaction is said to have. Commercial substance if it does not change then the transaction has no commercial substance. In this article we will discuss fix asset exchange journals along with case examples that will help you in managing business bookkeeping. Contents hide What is Meant by Fix Asset Swap How to Account for Fix Asset Exchange Case Example of Making an Asset Exchange Journal Conclusion What is Meant by Fix Asset Swap Fix asset swap refers to one way of disposing of fix assets where one entity agrees to receive fix assets in exchange for fix assets of another company.

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Two types of asset exchange. It is Mexico Phone Number List an exchange for similar assets and dissimilar assets. For the purposes of this article we are only discussing likeforlike asset swaps. Accounting for exchanges of fix assets of a similar nature depends on whether the net book value of the asset to be given up is more or less than the current market value of the asset to be receiv. If the net book value of the assets surrender is higher than the market value of the assets to be receiv then this is consider an exchange loss. as an expense and present in the income statement as a nonoperating expense.

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