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This principle is also Can provide benefits such as. Increase tax revenues by preventing tax avoidance through shifting profits between companies. Encourage foreign investment by providing tax incentives to companies that carry out price transfer transactions. Protecting national interests by monitoring potentially detrimental transfer pricing transactions. Benefits for society Meanwhile for society transfer pricing can have positive impacts such as Improving. Community welfare by stimulating economic growth through international business and investment activities.

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Foreign companies to operate in the Israel Mobile Number List country. Improving the quality of products and services by encouraging innovation and competition between companies. Banner klo Arms Length Principle in the Application of Transfer. Pricing Arms Length Principle is a principle that regulates that the price or profit in transactions between parties. Who have a special relationship must be the same as the fair market price or profit. This principle aims to prevent tax avoidance through shifting profits between companies that have special relationships. in accordance with international standards adopt by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development OECD and its member countries.

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In several steps namely Carry out China Telegram Number comparable analysis and determine comparisons Comparables are transactions between parties who do not have a special relationship that can be us as a reference for determining the transfer price. Determine the appropriate transfer pricing method The transfer pricing method is a way to determine a fair price or profit bas on the principle of proportionality. There are several methods that can be us such as CUP RPM CPM PSM TNMM CUT and so on. Applying the Principles of Business Fairness and Normality Applying the Principles of Fairness and Normality of Business bas on the results of proportionality analysis and methods for determining appropriate transfer prices to transactions carri out between.

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