Today’s shopping malls have become

But there is a word I would like to underline here, “if done right”  In order to do a job right, first, it is necessary Today’s shopping malls have become centers designed to define it clearly, make it a target and determine metrics in order to measure it. That’s when you can know what you’re doing right or wrong and make progress.

Mall Marketing Challenges

Meet the entertainment and socialization needs of visitors. In a world where retail formats are constantly being reinvented, no one can be sure how long such spaces will remain active and where the industry will go in the future. However, if we assume that the need for people to really be together in order to socialize more in the long term, we can recommend Albania Phone Number List that shopping malls focus on this basis.
In fact, for many years, the main concern of mall owners was to rent their properties. However, in recent years, their goals had to change a bit because, as we mentioned above, people’s expectations of shopping malls have changed. Increasing the number of visitors to the shopping mall has now become a higher priority than finding new tenants. This usually means a significant budget expenditure compared to the past.

Let’s take a closer look at the challenges of marketing for malls:

New opponents:

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Today, there is more than one shopping mall in each district. Email Lists  However, shopping malls no longer compete only in their own lanes. There are now online shopping, food delivery platforms, and platforms like Netflix that have replaced cinemas. And these are really

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