Use the Right Video Tags and Categories

Without proper tagging and categorization, your video could get lost among the billions of videos on YouTube.

Please note that users will not be able to see tags or categories. This optimization technique targets crawlers that understand and classify videos.

Thoroughly researching your competitors’ video marketing strategies and how they use ‘tags’ can help you nail down the terms that best describe your videos. When uploading a video, you can select a category for your content. This helps users find videos on the topics they are most interested in.

Avoid posting videos multiple times

Only one video per page
You are free to use as many videos as you like on a page, but Google will only prioritize the Ws Database first video. Many experts also claim that Google only indexes the first video on pages with multiple videos.

Assuming you have multiple explainer videos for your product or service, it may be a good idea to post each video on a separate page.

Another reason to use only one video is to monopolize your visitors’ attention. Having only one video per page gives your video content the best chance to get maximum attention and rank higher in the search results list.

Only One Video Per Page You Are Free to Use

For your video to perform better in the search results list, the rest of the page your video is posted on must be equally optimized.

If your page uses different focus keywords, expect your video to perform Email Lists poorly. To rank well, text must be relevant to the video and the video must increase the impact of the page. It must be mutually beneficial.

The video must have taken hundreds of hours to create. Just invest some of that into improving the user experience of the web pages that host your videos.

We conduct UX research to positively impact your SEO and keep your visitors happy . Improving the loading speed of your pages is equally important. Load speed is part of on-page SEO.

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