What services do they receive are they satisfied

You may also have an option to ask people you know which digital marketing agency they work with. What services do they receive, are they satisfied, can they achieve data-driven results? Question them.

After you’ve narrowed down your options to a few, before you set up a date, finally take a look at how the agency has implemented their own social media accounts and other digital services they say they offer. “After all, the agency that cannot allocate time for itself does not have enough staff and time to get a new client job, right?”


If you have decided to work with a digital marketing agency, as Survivor Digital, we would like you to include us in your review process. Why us?

  • Customer Reviews — First and foremost, we stand behind our customers’ comments about us. And we recommend that you not only read the reviews, but also search for them.
  • Our Approach— For us, business planning is the most important part, so understanding your business and matching it with the right KPIs is our top priority. We know that our success is due to your success. That’s why we manage a collaboration process Netherlands Mobile Number List that transparently manages the entire process and provides open access to data.
  • Our Team – We have a great management team consisting of experts in all areas of digital marketing services and we have operations teams that will be created specifically for your brand. So you will never be late for business with us.
  • Our Services— We serve you as a full-service digital marketing agency. We are with you every step of the way in achieving your business goals.
    Meetup — Finally, would you like to hold an online meetup to discover how we can take your business and digital presence to the next level? Then contact us  now

What is Instagram Reach? How to Increase Access Rate?

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Let’s start with the definition of Instagram reach and reach rate,
Instagram’s reach is the unique number of people who see your content. In other words, Instagram reach is the number of people who viewed your posts (or Stories). Email Lists
For example, if five Instagram accounts viewed your Instagram post on Sunday, that means you have five accesses to that post for that day, even if some or all of the same five accounts have viewed it more than once.

Reach Rate is the percentage of your followers who see your posts or story.
It is calculated as “Reach Rate = Number of people who saw your post/Followers” . Reach rate is an important KPI (Key performance indicator) that tells you how many people see your posts. Now that we’ve gone over what access is by definition, let’s take a look at what questions you’ll find answers to in this blog post:

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