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A few weeks earlier, I joined a rising Martech startup. My hotel is in Soho. I’m still a bit jet-lagged. Ten minutes walk, and I cross Broadway, near Houston. If asked, I would move to NYC. Even tomorrow.
The office is just around the corner. It’s an old and charming building, right in the middle of that small area, squeezed between the East and the West Villages. So different from the shining glass towers of midtown.
I wait for the elevator, then I go up to the fourth floor. I enter and introduce myself to a few young folks. I’m looking for a few familiar faces.

Content Marketers Take it The Wrong Way

Since a well-told story wraps its telling around emotionally charged values, its meaning becomes marked in our memory.
When we receive information as a story, rather Whatsapp Data than as a series of simple facts, our brain activity increases fivefold.
The brain’s parts responsible for emotional reactions, imagining sensations, and visual images all kick in.
We start to care about the story’s main character, and we ask ourselves how we would react if we were in their position. When we get drawn into a story, our brains produce oxytocin, the chemical element that creates empathy.
Oxytocin means we feel connected to the hero in the story. We feel invested in them, we want to help if we can.
biological reaction
It’s a biological reaction
This is why the stories of people (or customers) whose lives have been transformed, empowered, or simply improved by our company or organization, are some of the most powerful things we have.
Stories help us connect with our audience, they are memorable, and on a biological level, they make our brains light up, meaning that information is wired in more reliably.
Stories help to create memory structures, which, as we know, are the foundation of all branding-building activities.
This is why we can’t start writing about strategic business narratives if we don’t clarify first why stories and storytelling have a crucial role.

What a Story is Not

Three years have passed since then — so many changes. We have gone through a global pandemic; actually, we’re still not completely out of it.
I left that company nearly one year ago. Today I work for a new exciting Martech startup. Same category.
Content experiences and storytelling. I’m still fascinated by theEmail Lists  power of stories, which is probably the reason why I’ve never left this business category.

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