Which channel do users visit the most

We know we have a lot to focus on when it comes to digital marketing? Which channels do consumers use according to their interests? How do users behave on Facebook and Instagram? Knowing  Which channel do users visit the most statistics on these questions and more helps us understand what people want and don’t want. That’s why we’ve compiled an impressive list of digital marketing statistics, ranging from email marketing to SEO to mobile commerce to content marketing.

We hope you will benefit as well as we do. If you’re ready, let’s start:


  • Email marketing statistics
  • Social media marketing statistics
  • Content Marketing Statistics
  • Voice Search Statistics
  • Mobile Marketing Statistics
  • SEO statistics
  • e-commerce statistics
  • Final Thoughts

2022 Email marketing statistics

Email marketing continues to be one of the most affordable and effective digital marketing strategies for many industries.
But building a strong email list is not easy. Do you know that only 43% of consumers give their real email address when they come to a website that asks for an email before continuing?

Worse still, 80% of real subscribers simply hit the  UAE Phone Number List unsubscribe button if they no longer want to receive your emails. With the “ Message Management System (İYS) ” , which was recently introduced in Turkey , you can now easily manage your commercial electronic message permissions from a single point, give approval for the service provider and brand you want, and exercise your right of refusal when you do not want to receive messages.

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So even if you have an email list, be prepared  Email Lists for it to break in a few months. In order to have a list that can actually produce results, you should also devote time to marketing efforts to raise funds for email marketing. Research reveals that 55% of marketers believe more than half of what they post is helpful to their subscribers.

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