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With zerobalance accounts Expense and dividend accounts at the end of the accounting period. The goal is to prepare the company to start a new accounting period. In the context of a manufacturing company closing journals will include accounts relat to production inventory production costs and sales revenue. In the closing journal all income and expenses will be clos or accumulat into the net profit account. This is done by criting revenue accounts and debiting expense accounts. The result is a net profit account balance that reflects the net profit or loss earn during the period.

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Be us in preparing financial reports Spain Mobile Number List such as a profit and loss statement. So a manufacturing companys closing journal entry is an important step in the accounting cycle that helps organize the companys financial records so that it can start a new accounting period with accounts that have a balance of . Differences in closing journals in manufacturing companies and trading companies Manufacturing company closing journals and trading company closing journals have several differences. Here are some differences between the two Cost of Goods Sold Account.

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Trading companies have

Acost of goods sold account Spain Whatsapp Number while manufacturing companies do not have this account. The cost of goods sold account is us to record the production costs of goods sold by a trading company. Inventory Account Manufacturing companies have an inventory account whereas trading companies do not have this account. Inventory accounts are us to record raw goods work in process and finish goods own by a manufacturing company. Direct Labor Account Manufacturing companies have a direct labor account whereas trading companies do not have this account. The direct labor account is us to record labor costs directly involv in the production of goods. Factory Overhead Account Manufacturing companies have a factory overhead.

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