Internal Launch: What is it and When to Do One in Your Company

Internal Launch is one of several types of releases that we have on digital. Therefore, there are different release models. Each one using its own strategy, but with the same objective: sell a product, usually a digital product Thus, the Internal Launch is one of the most used models to publicize products for sale online. With it you can increase ROI and solidify your business. In this article, we’ll talk about the main elements of the Internal Launch, as well as the advantages and steps needed to carry out a launch of this type in your company. Keep reading and find out more about this type of launch and when is the right time to launch one at your company.

What is an Internal Launch The Internal

Launch normally takes place after the offer of your Seed Launch has been validated . After your business starts building your lead list. Therefore, it is very important to learn, invest and understand how this type of launch works. After all, it can be applied in different situations, products and niches. Briefly, this strategy is based on: attract an audience interested in a particular subject; make them express their doubts and needs; create a product that fits the needs of this public. This term, Internal Launch, is part of the Launch Formula method, which was created by Jeff Walker . In Brazil, this strategy was popularized by Érico Rocha. essential elements The purpose of this type of launch is to generate content that offers value to leads before making the sales offer.

This method is built through marketing

strategies such as: copywriting mental triggers After all, that’s how we capture the persona’s attention. Let’s now see the main elements that an Internal Release needs to have: mental triggers The two most exploited triggers in Internal Release are: Authority and Scarcity. So, to generate authority, the first step is to have a product that really works. For this, he needs to have been socially validated, generating a real transformation in the persona and solving any problem he has. The scarcity trigger, in turn, will convey the feeling of exclusivity of that content and the need for the audience to purchase your product within the given time.


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