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Account are three common The net sales amount is the actual revenue that has been earn after taking into account discounts. Take for example a business that had gross revenues of during the period. will be subtract from to get in net sales. This is report as Net sales under the sales discount line. Also read Understanding Deferr Expenses in Accounting and How to Journalize It Sales Discounts As a Contra Revenue Account SO what type of account is a sales discount Sales discounts are a type of contra account that offsets revenue.

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Report on the same financial statements  as  the Iceland WhatsApp Number List relat accounts. This is why sales discounts are report on a line call Subtract Sales Discount below the sales revenue line on the income statement. In the general lger a contra account is us to ruce the value of a relat account when the two are add together. Therefore the natural balance of the contra account will always be opposite to the corresponding account. That is if the natural balance record for the relat account is a debit the contra account will record a crit balance. This is why sales discounts as a contra account have a debit balance because.

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revenue is a crit balance. Ther Canada Telegram Number List are four main types of contra accounts such as contra assets contra income contra liabilities and contra equity. Contra income is a duction from a business report gross income which results in net income. Contra revenue transactions are report in one or more contra revenue accounts which usually have a debit balance as oppos to the crit balance in the regular revenue account. Sales Returns Account Sales Allowance Account and Sales Discount  us contra revenue accounts.

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