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This reserve is formincreas Equity capital Investment is the investment of funds in the form of shares in companies operating in the financial sector that do not go through the capital market as well as in the form of temporary capital participation in debtor companies to overcome the consequences of crit failure. Administrative transactions Administrative account transactions are commitments and contingencies off balance sheet which consist of guarantee issuance documents acceptancesen dorsements ongoing irrevocable.

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Acceptance of import bills on the  basis Afghanistan WhatsApp Number List of term LC sales of securities with terms of repurchase agreement repo standby LC and other guarantees as well as derivative transactions that have crit risk. Also read Fix Assets Meaning Examples Characters and Differences from Other Types of Assets PPAP method meaning of ppap After knowing the meaning of PPAP next we discuss the PPAP method. The allowance for possible losses on productive assets can be bas on the direct method or reserve method. The use of this method is bas on common practice in banks that losses on productive assets often occur in the following period after.

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Assets even though a banks lossprofit Africa Phone Number List statement must reflect the comparison between income and costs that must be recogniz. For this reason banks use the reserve method in recording provisions for productive assets. In this reserve method the recognition of losses on productive assets does not ne to wait until the loss occurs but the bank must recognize it in the same period as the placement of productive assets by forming a reserve for allowances for productive assets. by the provision of productive assets which are recogniz and us decreas if a loss of productive assets actually occurs. Banks that write off productive assets.

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