And their numbers are increasing day by day

Twitter also continues to work on its tiered subscription pricing model, where one tier has more paid features than the other. The use of social media for e-commerce is like a blessing for And their numbers store owners. Why would not? As more internet users buy online every year, the e-commerce industry has exploded, especially with the pandemic process. Many  sectors that do not consider doing e-commerce have opened internet sales stores. This is great for consumers because they have more options than ever before when trying to make a purchase. But for e-commerce store owners, this means that online retail is becoming an increasingly competitive industry, so using social media for e-commerce is very, very valuable.

Discord has announced a new feature that will compete with Clubhouse, Twitter, and Facebook in the fast-growing real-time audio market.

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Discord announced on Thursday, May 13, a new live audio feature that will compete with Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces. This audio feature, called Stage Discovery, aims to make it possible for Discord Spain Phone Number List users to easily find live audio conversations taking place in various communities – or “servers” – within the app.

9. Tip Jar Feature Has Been Introduced To Twitter.

Twitter has unveiled a feature it calls Tip Jar that lets users send money to their favorite creators.

New advertising regulation for social media phenomena in Turkey

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The Department of Commerce has released guidelines for social media influencers . In the guide, where it is mandatory for the advertisements mad Email Lists e through influencers to be expressed clearly, understandably and to be distinguishable, audible, written and visual covert advertisements on social media are prohibited. You can download the full text of the guide by the Ministry of Commerce by clicking here.

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