Another important element

Another important element After showing the competition points, the tool shows how many keywords in total are visible, and the estimat organic traffic. . Conduct a visibility comparison for each competing website Once you have found your competitors, it is worth starting the analysis by creating a table that will summarize their visibility and your website in terms of numbers. Continuing with the example of paws, thanks to the SEMrush tool, we can easily retrieve this data and present it in a table. The first provides a summary of visibility in general, and the second is divid into visibility groups.

Looking at this data

We can already conclude that in relation seo expate bd to the competition, the paws website is in the penultimate place in terms of popularity of the Top keywords in the overall group of expressions for which it is visible. This situation will impact worse traffic estimates that this site can generate. The highest percentage of keywords in positions to – % has the highest result among the competition. However, these are positions on the second page of search engine results, which have a much lower conversion rate. The site, therefore, must work on the keywords in the current positions from th to th,

In order to reach

Higher positions What else should Email Lists be analyz? a) Get to know your competitors’ business At the beginning, it is worth analyzing your competition’s business to better understand what you are dealing with. Some useful questions to answer: Is it your direct commercial competitor? Is it a great brand with strong brand awareness? How long has it been on the market? What is our advantage over a competitor? These few factors will influence the understanding of your competitor and their position in search results. If we were a new online store with a limit number of products.

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