The circular economy sustainable development

The circular economy sustainable development objectives of the unit nations . For th reason per digital decides to exploit its lavh collection as digital assets where avatars can dress in metaverse in video game characters virtual extras in film productions and provide digital funds to museums private collectors universities and fashion schools in the future. The sector immense and open since entering a virtual universe will allow us to free ourselves from physical space zuckerrg and create new nes. In th emerging context ing a pioneer a business opportunity business insider a and b . But entering a market where the customer as demanding as film production companies more than.

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Million usd invideo game production companies with a profit forecast of million bynational. Museums and private collectors can only achiev. By ing the st. In per dgital real clothes scann at maximum resolution a revolutionary tool for the film mobile app designs service industry. The result so real that it can us as virtual extras. Or three-dimensional digital assets with movement. In th way production costs optimiz the dsemination of culture sustainable. The carbon footprint of the sector’s activity ruc and jobs diversifi. Without ing comprom by new technologies. Everything absolutely necessary in our agenda.

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And let’s not forget the general public. The expectation about metaverse maximum kim . And if the covid has left us something Email Lists positive it has not only en the increase in consumption of audiovual productions but also the acceleration in the digitalization of labor relations and where virtual meetings are now a reality. Getting dress to see colleagues in metaverse will soon part of our work routine and playing with digital fashion will as rewarding as it every morning when leaving for our offices and workplaces.

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