Benefit from government export aid and incentive policies

Most exporting companies survive fluctuations in their home country more easily and are more likely to stay in business. A study published by the Institute of International Economics Benefit from government concludes that US companies that export not only grow faster, but are about 8.5% less likely to go bankrupt than companies that don’t export. Exporters are winners by definition because they have proven that they can “think ordinary” and compete successfully in the global market.

Raise the standards of your products and services

Adapt to new and different ways of doing things, new customer requirements, new technologies, etc. You will be exposed. You will also have a better understanding of your competitors. All this will lead to better products and services.

  1. There are many government incentives for exporting companies in our country . They can receive support from the relevant KOSGEB and the Ministry of Economy, chambers of Russia Phone Number List commerce and other government institutions, not only in financing, but also in consultancy, training, potential customer connections, etc.
  2. Take advantage of higher post-COVID-19 economic growth
    As the world rolls out COVID-19 vaccines, most economies are expected to have faster economic growth in 2021 and 2022. IMF expects world economy to grow 6% this year

 Export strategies for SMEs

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Focus on High Quality
Product and service quality is very important for success in export. Quality really affects not only you, but also your country’s image. Therefore, the products you export must not only meet the needs of customers and relevant regulations, but also ensure that they are of high quality. Email Lists

Adapt your products and services to foreign markets
When it comes to global trade, every market is different and these differences affect trade not only economically but also culturally. A product or marketing strategy that performs well in one country may not achieve the same success in another country, so it is important to do research for each country before entering that market and to determine the product, service and marketing strategy for that country.


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