Admission exam: what it is, importance and what it is for

The name already delivers the objective, but do you know, in practice, how it works and what are the advantages of the admission exam? Staying on top of what it means is very important not only for the entrepreneur who hires, but also for the employee. After all, as it is a right, established by law, the admission exam must follow certain rules. In this article, we are going to present a complete guide on the subject, so that you can clear all your doubts about it. Read on to find out everything about the entrance exam and find out what other medical job assessments are.

What is an entrance exam

What is the entrance exam for? Why is the entrance exam important? hat happens if the exam is not taken? are other mandatory medical exams for workers? is PPRA and PCMSO? Conclusion is an Indonesia Phone Number Data entrance exam? The admission exam is a medical evaluation performed on the employee who is about to start working in a company. This process is mandatory in organizations that hire under the CLT regime (Consolidation of Labor Laws). That is, those who admit with a signed portfolio. The admission exam can be simpler or more complete, according to the function that will be performed, but, in general, it includes a physical and mental health check-up of the worker.

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And build a successful career What is the entrance exam for? The admission exam is a guarantee that. The worker has the physical and psychological conditions to assume the job for which he was assigne. The physician Email Lists who performs the assessment also investigates whether there are any problems or illnesses resulting from previous occupations, which may or may not impair the professional’s performance. If all goes well, an admission certificate is release, emphasizing that the employee is able to start activities in the new job. Read more: How the trial period works, according to the CLT Why is the entrance exam important?

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