Adres Patent offers important support to companies

Trademark registration protection is only valid for the borders of the registered country. However, in order to be able to make distributorship agreements and obtain legal rights on your brand in the countries you export to, you must protect your brand in those countries. In this regard, we recommend our customer Acres Patent to you. Acres  Adres Patent offers Patent offers important support to companies in Turkey in terms of branding in export by researching your brand not only in Turkey but also all over the world and providing you with the right service with its experienced attorney staff in registration processes.

Leverage the power of social media

Most of the world’s population is social media users. And among these people are your potential customers, your buyers. Then you should actively use social media channels to attract their attention.
When creating your social media accounts, focus on broadcasting in the language of that country and valuing Singapore Phone Number List the culture of that country. Take a look at the social media accounts of global brands in Turkey. How many of us are they, right?

Evaluate E-Marketplaces
Whether you’re selling retail or wholesale, in both cases, there are global and powerful e-marketplaces that you can become a member of. By taking advantage of the brand awareness and potential customers of these e-marketplaces, they can enter foreign markets more quickly.
Particularly for companies that are new to export, being in these global marketplaces will provide a significant advantage in gaining customer trust until they gain brand awareness at the beginning.

Digital marketing for export

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Whether you focus on domestic or international markets, it is important to act with a strategy. Setting goals and having a roadmap to achieve these goals is the key to success. Email Lists
If you need a roadmap in your export processes, we would love to be able to support you in determining your digital marketing needs, creating a digital marketing strategy and much more. You can get a quote on this subject by contacting us now .

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