Experience Economy: How to offer consumers something memorable

Have you ever been to a restaurant, store or event because of the experience it offered? Probably yes! We even risk saying that you have already paid more for a differentiated experience — whether for the service or personalization of the service. Well, this trend may seem like a simple experience, but it demonstrates a new type of economy that is increasingly consolidating itself in the market: the Experience Economy. This concept was used for the first time in 1998 and today, decades later, it is more present than ever in our society. Starbucks, Airbnb, Spotify, Uber and Nubank are examples of brands that benefit from the Experience Economy. They have the consumer as their main focus, opening up several possibilities for recognition in this new economic model.

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The Experience Economy and how you can prepare for this new context. Here you will . What is the Experience Economy Skills for working in the Stand out in the Experience Economy with Distance Learning What is the Experience Economy The concept of the first appeared in a 1998 Harvard Business Japan Phone Number Data Review article . Entitled “Welcome to the Experience Economy”, the document was written by authors B. Joseph Pine II and James H. Gilmore. “Market-leading companies – whether selling to consumers or businesses – will find that the next competitive market battleground will be the creation of consumer experiences,” the authors explain in the text. They comment that after the Agrarian, Industrial and Services economies, the will be consolidate.

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The article, written a few decades ago

Portrays a scenario that is already part of our reality. After all, we see more and more consumption being totally driven and linked to the experiences that brands offer. In this way, we can say that  becomes what moves the current economy. The Email Lists is based on customer satisfaction, with approaches and postures that place the consumer at the center of the consumption and sales process. In this context, price is the least important thing, and companies are more concerned with offering an excellent experience. There are currently several organizations that already operate within this new economic model. One of the best known is Disney . Those who go to Disney parks are treated as a unique guest, as if they were in a magical universe. Props, costumes and other themed features transform how people see the park — and the brand.

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