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Instagram stories have approximately 500 million daily active users. This means that at least half of Instagram users use and view positioning everything you design stories every day.

If you still do not use Instagram stories when it is such an intense use, this article may persuade you to change your mind. If you’re ready, we’re starting to share tips.

Pay Attention to the Dimensions.

As in every social media, the Instagram story feature has its own unique dimension. It must be 1080×1920 in size, but within the safe area, in order for the full-screen view to be presented.

You need to leave ideal gaps in the lower and upper areas. While Instagram story dimensions are 1080 x 1920 pixels, Instagram Turkey Phone Number List recommends keeping all key design elements between the center 1080 x 1420 pixels, leaving 250 pixels on the top and bottom. Use Your Brand Colors and Font.

with your brand will make you more memorable. For example, using your own brand color, font, and more makes it easier for users to recognize you when navigating stories. So people can recognize you even without seeing your username or logo.

Utilize Instagram Stories Own Plugins.

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Apart from a professional design tool, you can also design a stylish story with the tools provided by Instagram itself. Email Lists

Create mod option, GIF, boomerang, different fonts, colors etc. It is possible to create your own unique story by using features such as: You can add shadows to texts or emphasize words that are important to you by using different fonts that Instagram offers. You can make this more fun by adding GIFs.

You can use any photo to give it a background, if possible, you can use the swipe up feature to direct users to the web page you want. 

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