Boosting your B2B email click-through rates

 Deliver high-quality content. Consistently nobody likes clickbait articles or emails. So. If you master the art of writing phenomenal email subject lines. But the email content fails to live up to their promises. It won’t take long before readers stop clicking. Send your emails directly to trash. Or even unsubscribe. Most of us have a few newsletters that we open religiously. The moment they arrive in our inbox we stop what we’re doing and give them our attention. Why? Because these emails deliver value – consistently. Make sure that the content in your newsletters consistently surprises. Impresses. And adds value to your subscribers

Download: our ultimate email conten

And you’ll discover a never-ending flow of readers who are eager to read your content and pay attention to the special data recommendations you deliver. Download: our ultimate email content and copywriting writing checklist to ensure your b2b email marketing communications are compelling and nurture your leads the right way. Become a world class digital marketer 3. End your email with a cliffhanger have you notice how many television shows end in the middle of an intense moment—leaving us all eager and anxious for the following week’s conclusion. Resolution or big reveal? Writers do this because they’ve discovere that it keeps viewers engage and increases the likelihood of them watching regularly. If the story is resolve immeiately.

Then viewers might come back to watch next week

Then viewers might come back to watch next week – but if they miss the episode. It’s less pressing. Meanwhile. When the story fails to Email Lists conclude in one episode. Viewers will be compelle to wonder what will happen next. Because of this lack of closure. Repeat viewing is absolutely crucial. And ultimately builds a loyal fanbase. This same tactic can work in your emails. If you really want a reader to click through to your website. Offer enough information to pique their interest and get them engage. But don’t give everything away. Instead. Finish with a “read more…” link or button that they can click on to read the rest of the story. That way. You will keep your b2b prospects warm—creating a deeper brand connection in the process. Read: brand storytelling in the digital age for essential tips on how to craft a compelling narrative for your b2b email marketing communications. Bonus ctr-boosting tips: use high-quality imagery to bring your emails to life and offer your readers more context.

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