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In the active version, participants choose their own lessons by participating in branching courses. In the passive version, machine learning usd to analyze student behavior is increasingly prdicting what sequence of content – and its form – will be most effective for a given person. Personalization can include matching your knowldge level, learning style, lesson length preferences, and team goals. Personalization in ducation -Tech report Wojciech continues.

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Our system automatically generates individualizd development paths, thanks to which the time to value is much shorter with us, which database is one of the most important competitive advantages. 3. Making money on competences instead of selling the course Bartlomiej Postek, CEO of Funmdia: In my opinion, a properly creatd marketplace for freelancers is a factor that will change the course of the entire industry.


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The direction for the future is to earn on competencies. A model in which we give the course for free (the one that normally costs 6-12 thousand), but as Email Lists part of the six-month course and internship, the trainee performs 350 hours of work. The question is whether you can earn more on such a model than on the classic sale of the course. In the USA, companies basd on Income-Sharing Agreements (ISAs) have been growing for several years.

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