Difference Between Pages and Articles on a Website

Difference between pages and articles on a website . Company sites what is the ratio between posts and pages? Is there a difference between pages and articles on a website? It’s a recurring question. Aske by many customers struggling with the new site or those who have had the site for a longer time. There is a difference between pages and articles and it is important to know. Because posts and pages have completely different functions. It is normal that to an untraine eye. They may seem the same thing and it is normal that those who.  Do not know the distinction look at the various sections of a website as if they were all the same. 

What a page looks like

What are pages in trying to explain the difference between pages and posts. Let’s start with pages. To be clear. The pages are those that on websites are usually calle “Home”. “About us”. “Where we are”. “Contact us”. They are locate at the top of the site’s navigation bar and represent the static part of a  website . Because they always remain the same over special data time. They are really disconnecte from the time factor . So much so that they don’t have a date. They don’t have social sharing buttons and don’t give space for user comments. They serve to structure the site menu and to describe the company. The product. The services offere.

How the articles are presented

The company mission or vision. All very useful elements for visitors who. Not knowing the company. Nee to gather as much information as possible to get a positive or negative idea. What Email Lists a page looks like it has a title. Text. Image. Image gallery or video. Each page can have subpages. As could be the case of the main “Products” page and the subpages “How to use the products”. “Product warranty”. Etc.. You also recognize the pages . Of a site by another characteristic: communication is unidirectional. One-way. From the pages it is the company that speaks to the users. To its target. Without allowing replies.

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