Competitive Link Analysis Tips Using Open Site Explorer- Whiteboard Friday

We all want to build up the reputation and authority of our websites and this week rand discusses some competitive link analysis tips using open site explorer. He talks about how to avoid some common pitfalls when trying to get similar links that your competitors have and give you a few good ideas on how you should be doing it. If you have any tips that you can share with the community on how you do competitive link analysis, please feel free to share those in the comments.

Hi, everyone. Welcome to whiteboard friday.

This week, we’re going to talk about competitive link analysis tips. The thing is that a lot of people, when they’re trying to build up their reputation and authority and the rankings of their website, one of the big things that they do is they look at who’s linking to my competitors and can I get some of those links. This is a great practice, but there are a lot of pitfalls and there are Chinese UK Phone Number List also a lot great areas of unexplored opportunity. People typically do a very simple thing, which is just to look at who’s ranking in the top 10, see who’s linking to them, and try to get links.

There’s a little more depth

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A tool that a ton of people use is open site explorer. It’s a tool that we here at seomoz use and tons of people like it. There are other Email Lists opportunities. There are things like majestic. Earning those can give you a step up on the competition, because when.

2. Ability to create custom search profiles based on search engine, country, and/or region

Say, for instance, you have a pizza. Chain in three cities and you spend a lot of time checking. Local listings in each. Or, perhaps you’re keeping tabs on the search. Results for the term. “Seo” in 5 different countries.This new feature allows you to save.Up to 10 search engine profiles that you commonly use and quickly. Open and compare the results for each. Just run a search from. Your favorite search engine. And the serp control panel will open up on the top right of the page. Select a profile to open that search in a new browser window.

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