Actionable Link Building Strategies

Today I wanted to talk about some actionable link building techniques that you can go away and start using straight away. I appreciate how difficult it can be to implement some of the link building techniques we talk about here, so I wanted to cover some which many of you should be able to use straight away.

The first two techniques involve some software called screaming frog. We love this in the distilled office, its a great tool and the guys who own it are very open to suggestions for improvements. At first glance, you wouldn’t think you could use it as a link building tool. But there are a couple of creative ways that I think you can use it for link building.

If you are not familiar with screaming frog yet, dr pete did a comparison to xenu a few months ago which gives you some insight into the features it has.

Use it to help you get a hook in your outreach

We all know the importance of having the right hook when you email someone asking for a link. One of the hooks commonly talked about is finding something that is broken on the site you are contacting.

Run screaming frog over the site Chinese Thailand Phone Number List you’d like to get a link from and filter the results by 404 pages, then see where these pages are linked to internally. Then reference these in your outreach email. This will help distinguish your email from the other emails they get that look auto generated and spammy. The fact you mention something like a broken link shows you are a real person.

Use it to snipe competitors links

Special Database

I love this one, its sneaky but meh, alls fair in love and link building.

Run screaming frog over your Email Lists competitors and find 404 pages. Chances are that you’ll find a few. Now run these through a backlink checker such as open site explorer and see if anyone is linking to these 404 pages. You have to hope for a bit of luck here, as there may be no one linking. But when you do find some, its not very difficult to drop an email to the site who are linking to the 404 page and let them know.

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