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More and more companies are presenting online to communicate more effectively with customers and create sales opportunities. Since the advent of the Internet and social networks, companies that do not want to fall behind have to have public information on social networks and build a functional website to help them channel visitor traffic from other platforms. However, to create a website, programming knowledge and ongoing technical services are necessary for your page to function properly.

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Fortunately, there are platforms like   new data  these that make it easy for you to create and edit websites, whether it’s a travel blog or an online shoe store. Phase of designing a website The platform is ideal for start-up or established businesses because it allows for full customization of pages. We refer not only to content, but also to background colors, fonts, images, in short, all the graphic elements of the website. However, it is not enough to use the Create page.

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 With plans that allow you to receive monthly visits and have an image optimizer and daily hours of technical support, you don’t have to worry about security issues because you can take advantage of the automatic backup service every day for only EUR per month. Finally, the plan  Email Lists  is designed for developers and includes the most powerful tools for your website. You can have up to one website, storage space, monthly transfer space and monthly visits.

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