Charting Success in Product

 I am a restless person in life and when I am in a Charting Success. Comfort zone. I come up with new ideas and in many of them. I come out with the plan in my head. For example, at the time when we sold almost all of our niches. We decided to get fully into ecommerce. Although we continued to make niches, our focus was no longer there, so the results were. Not nearly the same as what we had when we were focused solely and exclusively on making niches.

Think you  Charting Success will have better results

So, when you start making more money category email list with your niches, if you really want to take this business to the next level, I recommend that you try as much as possible not to get into too many troubles that divert your attention . There are always new trends that catch our attention, in my case it was ecommerce, NFT games, cryptos, etc; If you can get rid of them I think you will have better results. My focus should always have been on the niches, today I am fully returning to them, and if I had not diverted my attention, I probably would have been better off right now.

Things were being done wrong

Delegate, but always watch surveillance Email Lists This was another of our big mistakes. We gave so much freedom to the workers that many times things were being done wrong . In short: we delegate badly. At the time we didn’t care because that’s how it worked for us, but when we had to remake almost all of our niches again, we had the entire content creation system so flawed and with so many “bad tricks” that the results were terrible. So, the moment you start delegating try to have a proper work review system.

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