Not everyone has a Google account. Oh really?

Really good one. Yes, I have seen it and it is not just something from Murcia that I have asked around, so you know . Those of us who are dedicated to Online Marketing are a bit like when someone says “I don’t have a cell phone” or “I don’t like hot drinks” or “I don’t wear underwear” (well, the latter is more common but it is the same face remains…). Yes, there are people who do not have a Google account. So the first problem you may encounter is that they cannot leave a review without having a Google account .

The “leave a review” link accompanies Wally in privacy

This is also true, really, like the story of the diaper that I was never able to change in the bathroom with a changing table. I swear on Snoopy. Leaving a review on Google My Business can be an ordeal for some people, even you . Sometimes it is super complicated to find the link and even more difficult to explain to a client how to do it. Has it really category email list never happened to you? Well, to me many times. And the solution, after you read this post, is simpler than making an omelette, grab and repeat. Come on?

Google Review Direct link Generator

This tool is very simple and I’m not going to go into much detail explaining what it does because if you didn’t know at this point in the post it would be a failure for me. No, please, I’m crying today, I’m lazy. Google Review Direct Link Generator I explain to you in a few steps how to do it: Access the tool through this link . Use the search engine to locate your Email Lists company, writing its name. Select it from the drop-down list. Save the link generated from the method you like the most and start asking your clients for reviews. That’s it! It’s super simple, I swear. Watch the video if you don’t believe it. Well, yes, tell you one more thing. The tool presents you with two options, two types of direct links :

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