Shoppers are looking for more personalized experiences

Retailers are seeking to recover their businesses after the Covid-10 pandemic returns to normal . Both they and consumers have to face new retail trends and the different challenges of today’s economy. For example, supply chain disruptions, continued rising energy costs, and geopolitical uncertainty. In this context, presents the Manual for retailers in southern Europe . The objective of this publication is to respond to the needs of the current market, present retail trends and serve as a guide to face potholes, thanks to appropriate strategies. All this to minimize risks and increase opportunities.

The trends that will define the future of retail

The study presents the four trends that category email list can decide the future of retail in southern Europe during the coming months. The four key points in the future of retail are: The increase in prices directly affects purchasing habits: 37% of consumers in southern Europe prefer to make their purchases on e-commerce platforms, as this way they can find cheaper purchasing options. Tailored shopping experiences for consumers: Shoppers seek personalized shopping experiences. 28% of consumers in the region prefer personalized content when purchasing online or from an app. They consider personalization one of the benefits of digital commerce.

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To compete, retailers must meet customer Email Lists expectations – the competitive landscape has never been tougher than it is today. More than half of consumers in the region consider free shipping and returns to be essential when making online purchases. Online security is a top concern for shoppers: 76% of consumers in Southern Europe say two-factor authentication makes them feel their payments are safer and better protected. To carry out this study, 3,000 consumers in Spain, Portugal and Greece were interviewed. Thanks to these interviews, the four key trends that will define the future of retailers were identified. 

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