AVIOTEC 8000i IR video technology enables fire

At a global technology enables level there is a dependence on the production of supply of goods ardboard packaging, medicines, among others. Industrial plants are dangerous environments, with numerous risks of fires and explosions that can damage. Facilities or machinery that represents a significant investment for companies.  downtime and the repair or replacement of damage assets generate high unforeseen costs. For Bosch , the spee of detection and the reliability of alerts are key elements in fire protection. However, some environments pose definite challenges to monitoring, while presenting. A combination of high risk due to potential ignition sources and explosions. We recommend: The packaging machinery market in Mexico in 2023, these are the forecasts.

Detection and protection: key elements for facilities and their environment

For this reason, it develope the AVIOTEC 8000i IR camera that technology enables allows fire and smoke detection. A next-generation solution that uses artificial intelligence algorithms with pre-traine deep neural. Networks to directly analyze video images and activate alarms in the event of flames or smoke. The AVIOTEC 8000i IR camera can detect fires in various conditions: in a warehouse Dusty production areas Outdoor spaces. In complete darkness This technology offers the possibility of redundant alarm transmission. Additionally, during a network failure, the camera relay transmits the fire alarm to the fire detection system. Heat, movement, hazardous substances and spaces use for manufacturing. Logistics and transportation create risks for which early fire detection is vital. Photo: Courtesy of Industry Email List Bosch Maintaining security is possible with. AVIOTEC 8000i IR Fire detection technology offers wide stability thanks to the use of artificial intelligence.

Fast and reliable detection of fires in industrial facilities

Equippe with integrate infrar lighting, this technology enables system monitors unlit locations, even at night. Additionally, it automatically switches between day and night mode, offering 24/7 protection through cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology. The benefits that the AVIOTEC 8000i IR provides in the food production industry are visible through these characteristics: It offers custom sensitivity settings based on different operating schedules, considering the activity levels of the monitored areas, the day of the week and the time of day. It allows the detection of fires outdoors near facilities where there is practically no other detection technology available. Likewise, it ensures rapid detection of flames and smoke, which guarantees greater Email Lists security and reduces false alarms. Advance AI algorithms ensure intelligent and reliable fire detection even in low-light scenarios.

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