How to increase sales in an online store by improving the conversion rate

An online store, by itself, does How to not sell. And if it doesn’t sell, the only thing we will have achieved is investing in the design and programming of an e-commerce that does not generate any profit. And that’s when all the questions arise. What are we doing wrong? Where is the error? Aren’t my products interesting? Today, in this post, we are going to analyze what are the main causes of why an online store does not generate conversions (sales) and  find a solution.

The most important How to thing is to be critical

Know how to objectively analyze our website and top industry data realize that there may be many aspects that we should improve, correct and change. And this, perhaps, entails many hours of work. increase online store sales  Why doesn’t anyone buy from my online store? If your #ecommerce conversions are less than 2%, we have a problem.  Maybe saying “nobody” is too much but… What is the conversion percentage of your online store? Are you below 2%? So, friend, we have a problem.

And if we are above we surely want to improve that percentage

Keep reading, we will see  achieve it. What is a Email Lists conversion? Before continuing, let’s see what the main conversions of an electronic commerce are , understood as the achievement of a previously defined objective. Although it is worth remembering that not everything is sales. These are the most common conversions that we can establish in an ecommerce project: increase sales Buys. 

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