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Our intention was to generate more and Product Pioneers. More money and at that time the solution for us was to release more content. Nowadays, procedural niches are no longer as easy to position, the competition is much greater, so unfortunately that model of producing content in any way is no longer profitable for us . Currently, generating better content and, above all, making a good selection of keywords with little competition, we believe that is the most important thing, so now we invest more money in reviewing the content and we do the selection of keywords ourselves.

Competition where you Product Pioneers can give the necessary

In this case, my recommendation top industry data is that you try to think about what your competitive advantage is in creating niches and try to scale it . For example, if you are very good at link building then perhaps your ideal path is to get into niches with more or less high competition where you can give the necessary strength to your niches so that they are positioned based on links. Maybe in that case you don’t need so many editors, but rather a few very good ones and the bulk of your resources to invest in links .

Invest more money invest more money

Either way, think about what you think Email Lists the money will generate the best return on and scale that way. For us it was producing content at a significant speed, so we went in that direction as I told you, having up to 50 active editors. Invest more money invest more money This is closely related to the above. When we decided to scale, it was almost always implicit to invest more money . It is precisely what you have to do to take your niche business to the next level. You can’t think about becoming a professional nicher.

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