Correctly distribute responsibilities between employees

When selecting team members, you should make sure that their knowledge and soft skills meet the project requirements. Finding the perfect balance in selecting specialists and revealing their qualities is an important leadership talent. Accordingly, in order to assemble a dream team and successfully manage. It, a CMO needs to know not only professional skills. But also the main character traits of each employee: how a person makes decisions, pays attention to details or is a supporter of large-scale ideas, likes to independently delve into assigned tasks, or discuss them with Correctly distribute colleagues.

Each of these features

Will allow you to understand what responsibilities a particular employee can handle better and how to communicate with him. Remember: it is impossible to hire exactly the same people, but it is important to make a team of like-minded people out of them. Team Leader Responsibilities Write down tasks and KPIs for each position Having a detailed plan Cell Phone Number List with the right priorities will help prevent frustration on the part of both the manager and team members. Employees will clearly understand what is expected of them, and the CMO will understand what results to expect. It is important to ensure transparency of processes and internal data for all project participants.

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Write down the tasks

Key responsibilities and KPIs for each employee in a shared document, use it to coordinate daily work, as well as evaluate the productivity of team members. Webpromo recommends! According to the experience of our specialists, it is best to combine Australia Phone Number several communication channels at once: 1. To control KPIs and record the most important tasks – one open file for all team members (for example Google Sheets); 2. To distribute tasks by workload, priority and responsibility, convenient communication with other departments – online project management services (Worksection, Jira, Trello, etc.); 3. For business correspondence – corporate mail; 4. To resolve quick questions and informal discussions – chats in instant messengers.

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