If there is something that moves us it is the fact of continuing to combine

Mahou has been innovating in the beer sector for more than 100 years. If there is the brand’s most recent action is the campaign for Mahou Cinco Estrellas , the centerpiece of which becomes the first spot to be filmed and broadcast on free-to-air television, simultaneously . The objective of the campaign is to promote quality matches promoted by the brand, in this case, focused on football. Interviewed Pablo Sánchez, Consumer Marketing Director of Mahou , to explain the reasons for this initiative, and how the century-old brand is committed to innovation, always based on loyalty to its essence .

What is the objective of this new Mahou campaign and how did the idea come about

The objective of this campaign, and top industry data the origin of the idea, starts from giving visibility to the purpose of Mahou , based on the power of encounters between people , which we consider essential to live better; It is something that we began to communicate for the first time in 2021 and which this year we continue to explore through this new piece. On this occasion, we focus on those meetings that take place around football; a territory with which the brand has a close and historical relationship and which this year we have strengthened through the sponsorship of LaLiga, which allows us to continue transferring the power of these very real connections that occur around this sport.

What can we expect from future Mahou proposals

If there is something that moves Email Lists us, it is the fact of continuing to combine beer soul. Quality and innovation , always in a coherent way with our purpose. Which we will continue to promote in the future. We want to continue enhancing the enjoyment of the meetings and, from top quality beer proposals. Continue giving them the best flavor. A good example of this are our latest innovations, such as Mahou Cinco Estrellas Session IPA. Our entry into the world of IPAs with an easier-to-drink proposal; or Mahou 0.0 Toast. Which allows us to enjoy a strongly beer-like flavor without the need to consume alcohol. Along these lines. We are working on new beer proposals and brand experiences that will be released soon and about which we will be happy to share news with you.

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