Many people see ecommerce as a new sales channel for their company. And for this reason, they choose to hire a web programmer to program an online store for them.  How to build  Others, more adventurous, decide to do it themselves thanks to the tools that some hosting and domain sales companies offer. They thus intend to see how their company’s profits skyrocket in a short time. Nothing is further from reality. There is little point in creating an online store if we have not first drawn up a digital marketing plan.  It must clearly establish what strategy to follow and what tactical digital marketing actions that will help us generate traffic to our website to subsequently achieve the previously defined

 counteract the purchase objections How to build

objectives: generate conversions. (sales) in our ecommerce. Generate ecommerce trust But it could be assumed that apparently everything works. The ecommerce is being positioned optimally for our main keywords , the CTR of the Google Adwords campaign is more company data than acceptable and the e-mailing campaigns achieve a high opening rate but… we don’t sell anything! So it’s time to stop and reflect and ask ourselves, does our E-commerce generate trust? One of the key aspects to generate conversions (sales) is to generate trust in the user. CLICK TO TWEET What do we mean

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by this? Very simple, when the user arrives at our website, he does not have the feeling that he is going to be a victim of fraud. As Fernando Macià points out in his book “Online Marketing 2.0”: “Aspects such as financing, money-back guarantee, specification of all the technical Email Lists characteristics, translating each of these into benefits, etc. They should be clearly highlighted along with attractive calls to action that invite purchase . How to counteract the main purchase objections in an ecommerce? Below I will explain different aspects that will help us counteract the main online.

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