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Although it seems that running an advertising campaign on Facebook is easy, it is not. The famous “Promote your publication” button or the continuous  Plan a successful  messages from this social network encouraging you to activate a campaign can make us believe that anyone can plan a campaign and obtain results. Any user, with a credit card in hand, who ventures to activate a campaign without really knowing why, the only thing they will end up with is an expense in their bank account. To avoid this, the best option is to turn to a professional who knows.

Definition of the target audience Plan a successful 

I attended a workshop given by Daniel Rocafull , who, from his experience, explained to us how to optimize these types of campaigns. This post is a summary of the highlights of everything we saw that morning. As you well know, Facebook Ads is the social network’s advertising executive data tool created by Mark Zuckerberg, which allows you to promote both Facebook content and a web page or application among a target audience during a certain period. Is it effective? It depends on what the objectives are. Easons to use Facebook Ads Facebook knows as much about.

The structure of Facebook Ads campaigns

you as your mother. #FacebookAds  acebook is the digital marketing tool that has the most information available to users. We have not confessed so much to Email Lists anyone else: who our friends are, our musical tastes, political affinities, age, where we live, if we have a partner, where we work… I already spoke about why Facebook advertising is ideal for achieving certain digital marketing objectives . its moment. But it is good to list the main reasons again Segmentation capacity . No other tool allows us to reach such well-segmented audiences.

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